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BI0-112  Cognos 8 BI Author v2
Price:$29.68   Add to cart 87 Q&As    Update Time:14-08-2019
BI0-110  Cognos 8 BI Author
Price:$29.68   Add to cart 113 Q&As    Update Time:22-08-2019
BI0-135  IBM Cognos 8 BI OLAP Developer
Price:$29.68   Add to cart 100 Q&As    Update Time:22-08-2019
BI0-210  IBM Cognos 8 BI Professional
Price:$29.68   Add to cart 105 Q&As    Update Time:22-08-2019
BI0-120  Cognos 8 BI Administrator
Price:$29.68   Add to cart 92 Q&As    Update Time:14-08-2019
BI0-130  Cognos 8 BI Modeler
Price:$29.68   Add to cart 142 Q&As    Update Time:14-08-2019
BI0-140  Cognos 8 BI Scorcard Administrator
Price:$29.68   Add to cart 137 Q&As    Update Time:22-08-2019
BI0-122  Cognos 8 BI Administrator v2
Price:$29.68   Add to cart 82 Q&As    Update Time:14-08-2019
BI0-125  IBM Cognos 8 BI Data Warehouse Developer
Price:$29.68   Add to cart 123 Q&As    Update Time:14-08-2019
BI0-132  Cognos 8 BI Metadata Model Developer
Price:$29.68   Add to cart 92 Q&As    Update Time:22-08-2019
BI0-142  IBM Cognos 8 BI Scorecard Developer
Price:$29.68   Add to cart 114 Q&As    Update Time:14-08-2019
BI0-145  IBM Cognos 8 BI Multidimensional Author
Price:$29.68   Add to cart 96 Q&As    Update Time:14-08-2019
BI0-150  Cognos 8 BI Technical Specialist
Price:$29.68   Add to cart 93 Q&As    Update Time:14-08-2019