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General Questions


What is a certification?

Certification is a confirmation granted by some international examination syExam enginem (vendor) which certifies that you have specific knowledge and skills concerning to a specific technology or field. Many employers recognize and set these certifications as criteria for hiring individuals for specific job roles. Some certifications are valid for lifetime while most certifications need to be upgraded after certain amount of time.


How I will get my certificate? Do you provide the certification?

We only sell certification preparation material. You will get certification after you successfully pass the certification exam. If you want to know when and where the exam for your certification will be held and how you can get enrolled please visit: http://www.pearsonvue.com/


Do you provide money back guarantee?

Yes, we do. In case (highly unlikely) you fail in exam after using our practice exams and study guides, we will refund your money back. However, refund will be granted if the customer fulfills the following requirement:
1.    Refund claim must be submitted within 30 days time by email or fax from the purchase date (purchase date is inclusive).
2.    You must send us the Registration Number and the Validation Number of the site where you regiExam enginered for attempting the exam.
3.    Score/Result sheet must indicate the same name of customer.
4.    The refund claim includes the following essential information:
       •    Order Number
       •    Purchase Date
       •    Order Description (Exam Code)
       •    Transaction ID


Who prepares the certification preparation material?

Our certified and professional team prepares and updates the study material on regular basis.


What is the passing rate?

We feel proud to claim that we have been achieving 99% passing rate.


How can I get more information?

Contact us at email [email protected] and we will respond promptly with all the information you may require.


How do I receive my updates?

The updated exam is available for download in your "My Account" area. Sign In to your "My Account". The latest versions of all purchased and valid exams will be liExam engined there. Simply click the download link.


There has been an update but when I download I still got the old version. What should I do?

In some cases, the old version is probably residing in the cache memory of your computer. You could try to restart Internet Explorer, restart the computer or clear the local web cache. To clear the local web cache open Internet Explorer, choose Tools menu then Internet Options command, and finally click the "Delete files" button.


Are your updates free?

Yes, Free updates are available for 90 dates after the purchase. After 90 days the product is considered expired and is removed from the member zone of the user.


Product Questions

 What products are available?

At the moment three different www.cert24.com products are available:

Exam Questions & Answers (PDF): The most popular product is our collection of exam questions and answers. It is available in PDF format. It is instantly available after the purchase; we send  it  through Email  and  you can run it on your PC.

Practice Tests: Practice tests are an essential part of exam preparation, they simulate exam environment and allow you to test your knowledge in interactive mode. Unlike Exam Questions & Answers (PDF), they are not just a collection of questions. Practice Tests contain score reports, assessment features and test preparation history record. Thus you can pin point your weak areas by using practice test.

Preparation Labs: Preparation Labs are an optional product and is required for selected number of exams. We provide this product for specific exams. These are labs contain scenarios on how to solve the problems as well as detailed tutorials and lab solutions so that people can practice with their own equipments. They give overview of real hardware configurations so that you become familiar with the testing environment.

Royal Pack:It is a special discount pack if you choose to buy complete study kit from us. It contains each and every product you need to pass your specific exam successfully.

Audio Trainings: Individuals who, because of their professional and any other type of compulsions, cannot spare time for study, our Audio Exams Questions are specially designed for these busy professionals. Now they can prepare for their upcoming certification’s exams by liExam enginening to our Audio exams Questions even while driving or doing anything else.

Study Guides: www.cert24.com also offers Study Guides for the preparation of IT certifications. If you want to prepare for your certification by studying each and every detail of certification objectives, our Study Guides provide you with in-depth and in-detail knowledge.


What document format is used for Q&A, Preparation Labs and Study Guides products?

Our Questions & Answers, Preparation Labs and Study Guides are available in most common and popular PDF format that is very easy to download and use. You do not need any software other than Adobe’s free PDF reader.


What is Exam Engine that www.cert24.com offers?

www.cert24.com’s Practice Tests require Exam Engine. The Exam Engine is an exam simulator, which is downloaded, installed, and used on your PC. Compared to other Online Testing Simulators this Testing Engine is much more advanced and has many more features. It is available for free to all our customers.


Can I try the Exam Engine before purchase?

Yes! You can have the free demo of all our products; no purchase is required to try them.


All the questions in the Q&A file include explanations?

Explanations are optional; we try to provide explanations wherever there is any complicated term.  Difficult Questions & Answers are available with vivid and explicit explanations of difficult and complicated terms for the better understanding of certifications’ objectives.


Are www.cert24.com products sufficient to pass my intended certification exams?

Our products are 100% sufficient for a definite success in your upcoming certification exams. These products have been prepared by certified, experts and experienced professionals who go all lengths to provide you accurate, basic and essential knowledge. As a fail proof strategy we recommend our Royal Pack, which contains all the required products for a specific exam. Our persiExam enginent success rate is that we offer money back guarantee with our products.


Do www.cert24.com Training Tools offer updated study material?

Yes! Our all training tools are regularly updated according to the ongoing and current exam objectives offered by Vendors. We also send new updates to our existing valued customers to keep them updated.


How the quality of the www.cert24.com products is ensured?

Our IT education experts who have lifelong experience and certified professionals in collaboration compile up these products by close analysis of particular certification exam which increases the accuracy of the study material. We also welcome feedback from our customers regarding the quality and effectiveness of our products to make them more accurate and useful. We constantly review our products and analyze them according to the updated requirements of certification exams.


Can I print your exams after downloading the PDF file?

Yes! Our Question Answers are in PDF format and you can have their prints after downloading them from the site.


How Exam Engine works?

The Exam Engine can be installed on your local PC. There are two different exam modes in the test engine: Practice Mode you can practice before the Certification Mode with this part Certification Mode, this part could make you familiar with the testing environment just like you are taking exams in the Pro-metric or VUE testing center.


Do you provide updates? Are your updates free?

Yes we provide updates and our updates are absolutely free but for 90 days from the date of purchase. After 90 days, we s sending updates.


Do you offer products updates for more 90 days?

Yes, this is an optional requirement as most of our customer are happy with the default 90 days period. But if you want updates after 90 days, kindly contact customer support and we will extend your subscription period.


I have found an incorrect answer in one of your products/I do not understand one of questions/One of the questions seems incorrect. What should I do?

In this or similar case, you should send us feedback at [email protected]  along with your order number, Exam code and Question number. We will be highly obliged and

 will reply you promptly.

Purchasing Questions

How do I pay for the products?

We accept payments through PayPal and  because these payments are fast, secure and immediate. If you have problem with these gateways, kindly contact us.


Do you share your customer information with any third parties?

No we respect your privacy and never share any information of our customers with anyone at any cost.


How many Exam engineps are involved in the online purchase?

Select the required product(s), add them to the cart, select your payment method (PayPal or creditcard) and click on checkout for the payment. New users have to sign up before checkout. After successful purchase, we send the products during 12 hours to your Email.


How can I place an order for someone else? / How can I transfer a product to someone else?

The process is fairly simple when you buy products from our site. If you want to give this product to someone else, you simple need to buy the productt with your computer and then hand it over to the person you desire. If you have any problems, feel free to contact our support team.


I am not able to add products to my Shopping Cart. What is the problem?

Make sure that your browser is enabled for cookies. If the problem persists kindly contact us.


How do I obtain a receipt for my order?

Login to your account on our website. Select the "Order History" link and view your receipt or have it sent to your e-mail address.


Exam engine


Why use Exam engine ?


The core reason to use Exam engine is it contains 100% actual exam questions with detail explanation and references. It is designed exactly on examination pattern. Exam engine includes at least 8 different and latest types of questions those help you simulates the actual exam environment before appearing in the exam. Learning mode helps for preparing exam with the help of other supporting materials such as Show Correct Answer option and etc and to reduce your weakness, to grill you on timelines, to hone your skills.


Tell me something about Interactive Work Area?

In the past exam were only conduct in MCQs pattern and you had to select the correct answer only. As Venders have change their exam pattern to reflect these changes we have provided with a Work Area in which you can Enter Values, Select the Correct Options and Check the Important Checkboxes.


What are the Exam Exhibits?

To demonstrate the Question, Question Explanation and References in greater detail we use exact question related Images extracted from actual environment. These exhibits further clarify the Question and its explanations.


How Can I Check the History of my Exams?

You can check the History of Exam Conduction which reflects your performance in previous exam. Every time you End an exam it stores your result in History for previous self assessment. There is a "Show History" button on Mode Selection page from that button you can see your previous exam history.


I am working in Multi User Environment. How Exam engine can help me to create User and stores their history separately?

Exam engine is designed of keeping in view the Multi User Environment. User Control Panel is also provided with Exam engine in which you can Create New User. Where each user is assigned with password and every user will login in the Exam by providing the password. In the background each user exam history is maintain automatically. On each login user can see his previous exam history.


If I purchase an exam and new update of the same exam will be released by Vendor or Changes has been made in the exam, in such a situation do I need to purchase a new Exam Again?

Actually it depends upon the type of subscription you have. If your subscription has not been expired yet then you do not need to purchase it again rather the new update will be freely available for you. On the other hand if your subscription has expired for the exam then you will have to purchase the new update of exam.


I am getting a message for that .Net Framework 2.0 is not installed how I can install it?

You need to install .Net framework 2.0 from Microsoft official site. http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=0856eacb-4362-4b0d-8edd-aab15c5e04f5&displaylang=en


How can I change the passing score of exam?

You will change the passing score from exam preferences.


Where can I change the Exam time for random exam?

You can change the random exam time from Admin option in the preferences screen.


When I close the application during exam it will give me message. Do you want to persist the exam?

This message is the intimation that when you again open the exam it will open from the same state.


I want to take the print of complete exam?

You can take the print of exam from the Advance printing option.


What did item review option do?

This option helps the user to review the answer that he has given and also helps to change the answer.


What is “Activate Item Optimizer”?

This screen will help you to build the exam on your preferences. Like you can randomly select the exam or you can take the exam from any special category if exist or you can select the exam on the basis of question type or you can find any specific keyword base that u want to appear in question or in answer. Or you can filter exam on the basis of answer that u have given wrong two or more than two time or you can filter the question for which u have given notes.


What is Random exam and how it works?

Random exam is the exam that will select the question randomly from the question pool and will build the exam.


How can we randomize answer choices?

This option will randomize the answer choices and will shuffle the choices of exam.


How can I Email my Score?

You can Email the score from the exam score screen that will come when you end the exam or you can find this option from exam history and the start any exam there u will find the Email option.


What is keyword search option?

This option will help you to filter the exam on the basis of specific keywords that you give in the criteria field.


What are Graphical reports?

This report will show you the graphical result of last 25 taken exams.


What is a “Preset Exam”?

This is a preset exam by Exam Engine software the number of questions and questions remain same in this exam.


How can I change my password?

You can change your password from Option User profile.


What is the functionality of Mark item as review?

This will help the user to review those items for which he checked the checkbox option mark as review.

How can I undo the dragged item?

You can drag the item to its original position.


What is the purpose of functionality “sort by objective”?

This option will sort the questions by categories.


What is the functionality of “exam history report”?

This report will show the history of exam that you have already taken. It can also show you the graphical display of exam.


Exam engine Requirements?

Supported Operating SyExam enginems: Windows 2000, Windows XP. Vista and Windows 7
1.    You must also be running Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later for all installations of the .NET Framework.
2.    Install Internet Explorer 6.0 Service Pack 1
3.    Required Software: .NET Framework 2.0


Who Should I contact if I have problems or questions?

You can contact us at  [email protected]